backcountry cross country skis

At REI, three types of skis fall into the category of classic skiing: Cross-country touring skis are designed for skiing on groomed trails with a forward and back striding motion similar to how you walk or run.The skis are generally long, narrow and lightweight for fast and efficient skiing … Whether you’re just getting started with Cross Country Skiing, or you’re a seasoned vet, our complete Cross Country Ski Packages are the best way to buy an entirely new setup. The Alpina Discovery 68W Backcountry Cross Country Skis are elegant, functional, and everything you will need on the slopes. Mountaineering Buying Guides. Backcountry skiing is strenuous, at times dangerous, and takes place in a fully uncontrolled environment. Free Shipping from €40 (DE&AT) Delivery Times & special exchange to Christmas Info and order telephone: +49 8856 9367133. de en Search Search Login Stores Cart Skiing. Often abbreviated as XC or called Nordic skiing, cross-country skiing is typically done on rolling landscapes that are gentler than downhill skiing terrain. Quick Answer: The 5 Best Rated Cross Country Skis For 2020; XC Ski Reviews #1 Fischer Spider 62 Cross Country Skis #2 SALOMON Snowscape 7 PM PLK Auto Cross Country Skis #3 Rossignol Evo XC 59 IFP XC Skis #4 New Whitewoods 75mm 3Pin Cross Country Package #5 Rossignol Evo XC 49 IFP Cross Country Skis with Bindings With thicker skis and beefier bindings, today's backcountry nordic gear is capable of handling steeper trails and rougher snow than its inbounds counterparts. If cross-country skiing makes you think of kicking lazy laps across your local golf course, it's time to change your image of the sport. Best Cross Country Skis. This pink-colored metal edged beauty features smooth gliding by combining the on-trail functionalities of a narrow cross country ski with the off-track performance of a backcountry ski. Essential gear: backcountry skis, backcountry boots, backcountry bindings, backcountry poles, climbing skins, avalanche safety equipment. Find the best backcountry cross country skiing equipment with our gear guide! If you love cross country skiing, you will love this one. While backcountry skis come in all sorts of widths, weights and lengths they are designed with deep snow and going up hill in mind. One of the best backcountry skis on the market, this ski was built for bagging lines on multi-day excursions and the interior makeup of the Superguide Freetour is a culmination of Scott’s finest engineering; it features a paulownia/beech wood core strengthened by carbon and Aramid fibers that run the length of the ski. Cross-Country Skiing. Our complete cross country ski packages feature all of the cross country ski equipment you need to get out in the snow. These 2020 Rossignol BC 80 Positrack Backcountry/ Cross-country Touring Skis have an LDC Wood Core and Active Cap construction that intelligently reacts to your body’s movements and helps you move forward instead of sliding back. The exception to this are backcountry skis specifically designed for rando racing which are closer in width to cross country skis and are designed purely for speed on the climb and not the ski down. These skis are slightly wider than classic cross-country skis (60 millimeters wide at the waist), so they're a bit more versatile and adept at exploring backcountry terrain better than their thinner counterparts. Classic Skis. Their partial steel edges increase control and provide you with better grip, too. As our primary interaction with the snow, our skis can have a significant influence on our experience.

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