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We found enough for a decent snack for all of us and, whilst rebuilding a shelter of sticks and ferns that had unbelievable survived for a year since we had last been there, we snacked to our hearts content. Easy damson or sloe gin Ingredients. Haferpflaume feminine. Aug 26, 2019 - Damson or Sloe Gin Recipe from The Modern Preserver and other Christmas Cocktail recipes from Red Online Copyright © 2020 The Rumblings Of A Madman on the Foodie Pro Theme. The fruits are smaller than both the Damson and Bullace but usually more spread out. The leaves were the same as Damsons but the fruit was smaller. Bullaces have a fairly bitter skin, but slightly sweeter, less acidic flesh but not to the degree that you'd actually ever prefer them to a desert plum. Our Winter Damson Gin is made with the freshest, juiciest damson plums from Styam Farm which are sweet enough, so no sugar or sweeteners in this … So, if you make them now, they’ll be ready for bottling by mid-December, just in time for Christmas. We headed out into the field where we have an entire hedgerow heavy with sloes and I held the … * If you click on an affiliate link and then purchase a product from a retailer, I will receive a very small commission at no cost to you. The easiest way to tell the difference is in the branches and twigs, these have very sharp quite long prickles. Strain your fruit gin through a sieve, and then again through muslin or coffee filter papers* into sterilised bottles. 500g of damsons or sloes; 200 – 250g of sugar (according to taste) 1 litre of gin (or vodka if you prefer) How to make your gin. Last year was very poor for sloes after the hedge was cut; this year was better, but other bushes had very little fruit. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. Share Pin It. Once you can wait no longer either serve or strain through wine filter paper and re-bottle. 1. The timeline for making this sounds like it would work — in two months I definitely won’t be pregnant anymore! X, I have never had a sloe gin before. My recipe therefore scales to around 75cl proportions. If you live near a public hedgerow (sloes) or have access to a fruit tree (damson) then you really should have a go too. Awarded 3 Gold stars in The Great Taste Awards 2014 the Judges comments were … Despite being ravaged by squirrels there were still plenty of hazelnuts to be had and brambles were too numerous to count. How To Make Damson & Sloe Gin. The difference between women's and men’s skincare *, Top tips for supporting anxious pets through change *, PMD Clean PRO Smart Facial Cleansing Device – review *, What does the perfect family holiday look like to you? What the hell, why not leave Juniper and any of the spices mentioned above in Vodka for a while and make your own Gin. Tip: Don’t buy expensive alcohol, budget own brands are fine! It's been a tough year for everyone so we have decided to treat you all this Christmas to another Gin release....Damson Gin! My Mum has actually been looking for a good sloe gin recipe so I am going to bookmark this post to send to her! Enjoy! Prick the damsons/sloes with a large needle or toothpick. Please note I only link to products I have either tried myself or am happy to recommend. Beauty, Family, Food & Drink, Garden, Home, Lifestyle, Reviews, Style, Travel, Wellbeing, Work, 19th September 2017      Lisa      6 Comments, Are you a gin lover? The Sloe fruits are more spread out than the rest. Whilst the weather was sunny and warm, the woods were definitely turning Autumnal and the gentle breeze, birdsong and ambience all but drowned out the regular bickering of the children. Sake is closer to wine than spirits in strength (typically around 15%) but unlike wine will keep once opened for a few weeks. Given the Japanese love of Umeboshi, and a number of plum infused Sake’s available I also thought a version using Sake might be interesting. Hauszwetschge noun feminine. We had found a cluster of Bullace trees; a wild plum and relative of both Sloe and Damson. What is the difference between a sloe and a damson? I hope your mum approves of this recipe! Die Hauszwetschge ist eine sehr alte, mittelspäte Sorte der Zwetschge (lat. Thanks for looking and enjoy! Three members of the prunus genus. 1. Bursting with damson flavour and a wonderful aroma. Discarded damsons can be enjoyed gently heated with custard or ice cream (but beware those stones again). 9. Well, in my September gardening post, I said I’d be making some luscious damson gin and sloe gin again. Today was a good day. The sloes are slightly harder, smaller and definitely more bitter/tart than damsons, which have a glorious, deep, rich flavour. Sloe Rum Pick sloes, wash and dry them (so as not to dilute the alcohol)- 445g Use a cocktail stick to prick each fruit so juice can exit into the alcohol Add sugar in the fruit- 112g Add alcohol in my case rum! I’ll bookmark it and try it as soon as I can! Blackthorn, Aug 14, 2009 #6 Quote in Conversation. 3. Here at least both the sloe and damson hedges have thorns, but they are not too difficult to avoid. Also blackberry brandy would go really well with your apple crumble, I think x, Your email address will not be published. xx corinne, I hope you enjoy it, it’s a lovely one! Plus when you strain off the brandy, you have some gorgeous boozy blackberries which are perfect with vanilla ice cream x. Volume: 20cl. For me, Gin as already been infused with anything from Juniper (the fruit that makes Gin…well…Gin) through Cardamon, Orris Root, Lemon Peel and a in the case of the Cambridge Gin company… Ants! Share it with your friends! 6. Put the damsons/sloes in a cooled, dry, sterilised large, wide-rimmed 1.5–2 litre jar and stir in the sugar. For this reason I prefer to use Vodka to create these liqueurs rather than Gin with the intention of bringing out the flavour of the Bullace (or Damsons, Sloes, Jelly Babies, Mars bars whatever). Put the pricked or defrosted berries into a large sterilised jar, eg, a Kilner jar.*. Pour in your gin (or vodka) and seal the jar tightly. Also sloes are on blackthorn bushes which have large thorns on so if they are in a tree they are probably damsons. Don’t beyond the neck if you have a stoppered bottle, the pressure may keep pushing the stopper out. I’m off to check out the apple cake recipe right away! Rinse the Bullace berries and remove any residual stalks, leaves and any foreign bodies. *  Tip: expect to go through a LOT of coffee filter papers! (!). Sloes have a whitish bloom on the skin like blue/purple plums, whereas buckthorn berries are reddish-black and glossy. Plums (damson, greengage, mirabelle, sloe) Pflaumen (Damaszenerpflaume, Reineclaude, Mirabelle, Schlehe) @GlosbeMT_RnD. The good news is that these are just as suitable for flavouring Gin as both Damson and Sloes so, after a little bit of child labour employed to collect the berries we can let infusion fun commence. Tip: discarded sloes can be covered in melted chocolate for unusual sweet treats (but watch your teeth on the stones). It is also locally naturalised in New Zealand, Tasmania and eastern North America. The good news is that these are just as suitable for flavouring Gin as both Damson and Sloes so, after a little bit of child labour employed to collect the berries we can let infusion fun commence. Thanks! Leave to infuse, this needs to be at least 3 months but for as long as you like. One commonly stated theory is that damsons were first cultivated in antiquity in the area around the ancient city of Damascus, capital of modern-day Syria, and were introduced into England by the Romans. Prunus spinosa, called blackthorn or sloe, is a species of flowering plant in the rose family Rosaceae. @GlosbeMT_RnD. Damsons are like small plums, sloes are more like blueberries and tend to grow in hedgerows. This site is chock full of videos to do just that. Damson or Sloe Gin Recipe A recipe for September/October. To create the the flavour of a spirit that would otherwise be not dissimilar to Vodka. Aug 23, 2017 - Damson or Sloe Gin Recipe from The Modern Preserver and other Christmas Cocktail recipes from Red Online Eat one. In other words if you want to age it, make it in large enough quantities so that you can enjoy some earlier and some later. You just need to split the skins to release the juice, which is what the overnight freeze will do for you. Sloes are produced very close to the branch, whereas buckthorn berries are on a stem. Do you even like fruit spirits? Needless to say that was a food adventure that wasn’t going to happen. I once received a beautifully wrapped home made bottle of Sloe gin for Christmas that in addition to the sloes contained a large bluebottle fly. 2. The productivity of the plants varies a lot from year to year. Then you can either prick each berry to split the skin or, if you have more exciting things to do, pop them in the freezer overnight. And with that timeline in mind, you should definitely give it a go, haha! Even the hawthorn berries had the smallest amount of sweetness that justified eating them. See below) but here’s what I did… Here's one I prepared earlier... Big bottle of gin (use 3/4) 500g ish of damsons (or sloes) 300g ish of sugar (up to 500g if using sloes) Some sort of bottle with a wide neck or giant jar! Hedgerows offer a wealth of foraging opportunities. Thanks for laying out all of the steps so clearly, I’m sure that your gin turns out fantastically every time! I’ve wanted to make fruit-infused liquor for agessss but always seem to forget and just drink what I buy ;). All I can suggest is … Raw damsons – a subspecies of Prunus domestica – are sour to the taste, but mixed with sugar and gin, it creates the perfect evening tipple and a great alternative to sloe gin. Have you ever tried making your own fruit gins, vodkas or brandies before? These fruit gins are soooooo easy to make, taste utterly delicious, and, if you can bear to give any away, make lovely gifts. Like . Whilst there is value in leaving it longer the genuine results of aging come from significant aging, the skin, stalk and stone of the fruit all introduce tannin to the spirit and whilst tannin ultimately produces greater complexity in the shorter term it adds a dry bitterness. Dec 15, 2018 - Damson or sloe gin, perfect to drink at Christmas or pour into a Champagne cocktail. *. I have always loved foraging and whilst today would hardly tax Bear Grylls in its originality or obscurity (I related the process of making acorns edible to my 8 year old to a frankly limited response) there was undeniably a reaction to the idea of food being freely available in the woods. Most of the recipes for Sloe Gin or its derivatives online work with a total of a litre quantity of product and this works well if you have a separate vessel for infusion to the finished article. We took the kids for a walk in the woods in what is likely to be one of the last days of the year recognisable as a summer’s day. Idyllic! Your email address will not be published. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aedfb330cb466afb5a22f4e6ca104e87" );document.getElementById("i7d3b039a1").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Yes, I'd like to receive notifications of new posts. Wash your fruit and discard any bruised or mouldy ones. Top up the bottle with the Gin or Vodka. The name damson comes from Middle English damascene, damesene, damasin, damsin, and ultimately from the Latin (prunum) damascenum, "plum of Damascus". Amazon Associates Disclosure It is native to Europe, western Asia, and locally in northwest Africa. I have never really understood the obsession with Sloe Gin, at least from a home liqueur creation perspective. The damsons … For the full recipe, click the picture or see www.redonline.co.uk Thank you for subscribing! Add a teaspoon of extract if you want, cover with the gin, stir gently and seal. (And if you have any fruits over, check out my recipe for easy damson or plum jam too!). Required fields are marked *. Use more or less sugar, depending on how sweet you like your final drink. Tannin breakdown takes time so be prepared to wait a couple of years to experience the difference. September 7, 2015 September 7, 2015 ~ sultanabun ~ 9 Comments I’ve been reading some of those ‘150 ways to grow your blog without working hard or spending money’ articles. What I call 'damsons' are those fruits which nearer to sloes in size, shape and flavour; 'bullaces' the type which are rounder, with a higher ratio of flesh to stone, and less tannic astringency. We had found a cluster of Bullace trees; a wild plum and relative of both Sloe and Damson. 4. Side by side the sloe berry is round like a blueberry and the damson is slightly oval like a dark grape. This combo is any port lovers must! The historical link between the Roman-era damascenum and the north and west European damson is rather tenuous despite the adoption of th… I could not possibly confuse the two. I guess you could google the names and see what pics you can find to try to identify your tree. Whilst exploring the vicinity of our new base camp we hit upon some heavily fruited trees, the fruit looked like sloes but this was a tree rather than the spiky Blackthorne bush where we would expect to find them. If using a bottle a piece of folded card can be used to get the sugar through the neck of the bottle. The vines are similar, but damson plums lack any of those large thorns and the wood isn’t anywhere as dark as a Blackthorn. Damson Port. How to tell the difference between sloe, bullace and damson. The process of infusing it with sugar and spirit allows its flavour to be introduced into something that can be consumed and enjoyed. 5. Despite his festive red berry wreath decor, I have, Happy Saturday, the last one before Christmas, eee, AD “Did you know that across the UK six times as, There's nothing like a lovely splash of Christmas, Loved our annual visit to @longleatofficial after, Happy Humpday - and just look at this beauty I spo, Obligatory Christmas tree photo incoming... , Happy Saturday everyone, and here's something brig, OK, I have to be honest, I'm not a fan of slugs an, This website uses Google cookies to ensure you have the best visitor experience and to analyse traffic. Tip: you can make blackberry brandy or plum schnapps in exactly the same way, but blackberries and plums won’t need pricking or freezing. Damson and bullace are more or less the same, the picture there seems to look like a wild Victoria plum which is exactly the same that is growing in the field behind my house. The UK’s First Damson liqueur made with port, handcrafted at Raisthorpe using the finest port and locally grown damsons and sugar. 8. If you click on some of the links within some of my blog posts and then purchase a product from a retailer, I will receive a very small commission at no cost to you. Sloe, Bullace or Damson? Sloes are usually larger and more oval than buckthorn berries. I am hoping that this combined with the additional sugar content will be enough to keep the Sake fresh whilst being infused. Honestly, fruit spirits are really easy to make and blackberry brandy is really yummy. Sep 26, 2017 - Damson or Sloe Gin Recipe from The Modern Preserver and other Christmas Cocktail recipes from Red Online Share . Joined: Jul 25, 2009 Messages: 1,592 Location: Deepest, darkest Kent Ratings: +865. Damsons have longer stems so hang and look more like a tiny plum. It's not a sloe, more likely a damson or bullace. A good few years ago now my father showed me how to make sloe gin. Pour in your sugar. Pick them when they're at their best (usually in September), and experiment with other additions to the gin such as orange peel, cinnamon, star anise or cloves. If you taste the damson plum it’s kind of tart, but nothing in the league of the tartness you get from a sloe berry. This might be slightly premature as I’ve not actually tasted my gin yet (Update – I have now! Sloes, Bullaces,And damsons are usually all dark purple in colour. This sounds like such a treat! Sloes have shorter stems and hug the branches more. The top is a 20cl Damson Port with a 20cl Sloe Port beneath! Damson Cheese And Sloe and Damson Gin. Blackberry brandy also sounds intensely good, I’ll have to suggest that to my Mum as well! Oh fruit spirits really are lovely and so easy to make, as well as being much cheaper than you can buy in the shops. Three members of the prunus genus We are here to help you learn to garden. Fidgetsmum Total Gardener. How to tell the difference. If you like sloe gin, then you'll love damson gin – it has the same rich, fruity, deep flavours and really showcases this delicious British fruit at its best. … Given however that an infused gin is commonly either served combined with tonic to make a sloe gin fizz or is served after dinner the subtlety of the aging of the Gin is usually lost. A berry like Bullace is so tart and sour that it is inedible in all but the rarest circumstances. I love gin so this is a great recipe for me. If it's so sour it turns your face inside out it's a sloe. Oneside swipe of a branch and it can cut you quite badly. Here’s my recipe for easy damson or sloe gin. The Sloe is basically a Blackthorn Bush. We do the same thing with Coffee, Tea, Hops, Cocoa all of which are pretty darn awful in their natural state and whilst in all of these are also embellished with other flavours there is a sense in which we want the process we apply to them to result in presenting them at their best, processed but untainted.

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